What makes us special? Why do we do what we do?

Quality translation

We love to help with good quality translations that consider culture as a vital part of life.

As Anthony Burgess said:

Translation is not a matter of words only;
it is a matter of making a whole culture intelligible.

Every language matters

We believe that every language matters, and that preserving, developing and celebrating each language is a beautiful responsibility that we have as human beings.

So we want to take part in that work by researching, documenting, analyzing and developing the languages of the Mediterranean region.

Bridge into lives, hearts and minds

We love diving into the diverse and fascinating ways we as humans communicate, and want to play our part in preserving and celebrating those tools.

We also believe that language can either be a barrier which separates people or a bridge into lives, hearts and minds.

We want to play a part in making language a bridge both by encouraging language learners and by producing quality translations.

العربية - Arabic

We work with linguists and language specialists who care passionately about the development and research of minority languages.<br><br>
Specializing in varieties of Arabic (colloquial and standard) and the vernacular languages of North Africa, we have a wealth of experience in linguistic research, language documentation, and language development.
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